Healthy Eating

Eating healthily is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy and feeling as energetic as possible.

The goal is to set up a nutrition plan for life, not just for a few weeks or months or until you’ve reached your ideal weight.

It’s pretty easy really – stop eating those foods that are disguised as healthy foods but are just processed junk, and decrease your portion sizes.  If your goal is to lose weight, by increasing the energy output (exercise) and decreasing the input (food) hey presto! Weight loss.

Weight loss. To be precise – fat loss. By cutting down your portion sizes and limiting junk food sure you’ll lose weight, but are you losing muscle as well as fat? By maintaining a regular exercise program, preferably one that includes some sort of resistance training,  you’ll not only lose body fat but maintain and hopefully increase your muscle mass.

Why is muscle so important when I want to lose fat? Muscle is the powerhouse of fat burning. Muscle takes more energy to maintain, even when you’re not actually exercising. You don’t need big bulky ones, just some nice little, strong ones will do the job. (Hmm just like my coffee).

But back to the eating bit. I like to say “If your grandmother never heard of it, don’t eat it”.

Want some simple tips that will help you get going? Here goes…

    • Drink plenty of water. Water not only keeps us hydrated, it also helps flush our systems of waste products and toxins. Not enough water can make us feel tired and can cause headaches. Sometimes you may feel hungry when you may actually be thirst, so drink up.
    • Eat to live – not live to eat. Think of food as fuel for your body, and what it’s doing to you, and eat only when you are hungry.
    • Get the after dinner snack attacks? Yep me too sometimes. Try eating a light dinner a little earlier then clean your teeth straight away. A good trick to help stop you eating snacks in front of the TV.

To learn more about healthy eating or to have a nutrition plan designed for you, contact InsideOut Fitness and Health.


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