About Linda

Linda Heilbron, Inside Out Fitness and HealthMy name is Linda Heilbron and I am the creator of InsideOut Fitness and Health. My passion for health and fitness began in 1985 with a desire to better my own health and fitness and have fun doing it!

After being involved with gyms for much of my career, both personal training and instructing group fitness classes, I realised that there is much more scope for fitness than just training inside a gym!

Many people work 9 -5 indoors on most days and to refresh their bodies and minds need a total change of environment to stimulate their senses and feel energised and refreshed after their workouts.

Exercising in an outdoor setting or in the comfort of your own home provides an alternative to or an addition to training in a gym, especially when your needs are being met and your goals are being worked towards efficiently, safely and in a friendly caring way.

Many of us have been through life’s challenges, myself included, but through exercise I have found a positive, rewarding method of not only keeping fit, but staying healthy and happy, moving forward in life and not only dealing with these challenges, but learning to turn them into ways to change for the better, and enjoy ┬álife more as a result.



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